National heritage listing fails to save st kilda road trees

National heritage listing fails to save st kilda road trees


St Kilda has lost two of its iconic landmark trees after they were hit by a wave of storms that left them uprooted.

The loss of the trees came during the heaviest rain and winds recorded in the Sunshine Coast for 20 years.

The council’s forestry management and environmental department confirmed it had lost two of the tree species in the last two years.

But that does not save the stumps, which are of exceptional quality and are a rare sight in the bushland outside St Kilda’s Port-Mile shopping centre.

The council’s director of public works said the loss of the trees would require a lot of planning.

“Our concern and our concern is in this particular case, but in any other instance the tree was a very mature and attractive specimen that was suitable for its location and a very mature and attractive specimen that we would expect to see,” he said.

“They’ve lost and are about to lose all of their trees.

“We’re going to have to get to some very painful decisions and probably some costly planning if we want to preserve this place for the future.”

The storm wiped out one of the stumps of a majestic yellow birch in November.

The council’s forestry department director said it had been a challenge to find another stump to preserve the native tree.

“We obviously had to move away from having trees like this at Port-Mile to find some other sites, or to find some other location with better options,” he said.

“We had one which was really pretty mature and also beautiful.

“We didn’t find any other trees where우리카지노 we could actually continue doing research on them.”

Mr Green said the council wanted to protect the “stuck in the rain” trees by doing the research first.

“These trees are worth more to us than they are to them,” he said.

Mr Green said if any more stumps were lost it would be much greater to the city and the people of St Kilda.

“In St Kilda they woul우리카지노d have to consider these trees are worth more to the city and the people of St Kilda if we can’t get them preserved,” he said.

But in a statement to the ABC, the St 우리카지노Kilda Council said it was confident the loss of the stumps would not damage the St Kilda heritage.

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