Well fight to the end to save monaco prince albert

Well fight to the end to save monaco prince albert!” said a voice from somewhere. the king gave a sigh. his eyes suddenly opened wide. the man was 바카라standing in front of him with an immense sword on his shoulder, looking at him with a fierce expression. the man was wearing a royal blue armor with black scales on it and gold buttons. at his back, there was a shield with red lights covering it and several purple rings. at his side, there was a spear. the black armor turned into sword and shield. the red man turned into black armor with a black sword in his hand, facing the king. in that moment, everything happened in slow motion. the king’s eyes were wide. he had just seen a battle of gods and demons and he didn’t know what to do now. he looked at the two weapons on the other man’s shoulder. “this isn’t right” he said without hesitation. he looked at the man and knew that there was 바카라no way this could be 더킹카지노true. the king suddenly raised his own sword and slashed towards the black armor’s hand, slashing it clean through. a moment later, the king’s sword pierced through the other man’s finger. black armor let out a loud scream before falling onto its knees. the man fell face forward and was immediately killed by albert. “what was that!?” the king looked shocked. but, as usual, there wasn’t any explanation about why this happened. at the side, the black knight looked like he had just died. “there was a miracle!” said a girl at the side who looked pretty much the same as the king. “i am a saint. we all must have been reincarnated to fight on earth with albert.” the king put his hand on his neck and laughed, “but we must not forget about our families. even if we die, we must go to heaven!” the black knight looked at albert and looked at the woman, but she looked like she was a little bit angry. “you should die already!” said the girl. albert shook his head and said, “no, it’s not over yet” the girl lowered her sword in order not to be hurt anymore. the black knight’s eyes widened, but then he smiled again and raised the sword he was holding. “what are you doing!? you can’t be the king!!” albert looked at the girl and started laughing. “look, this is just the way it goes. when people get hurt, it is natural for us to get angry about it. we all died once or twice already bu

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